Aamir Liaquat's third wife Dania Shah files for divorce

“Aamir Liaqat's third wife Dania Shah files for divorce” (source: nichelifestyle) is the news that I read first thing this morning. Well I must say, it lasted way longer (4 months) than what anyone expected. I mean I can't even feel pity for him or say girls please don't break poor guy's heart, instead these women deserve an oscar for living with such a clown for that long. While doing some research on Mr. Liaqat, I found some interesting facts about him beingranked up as one of the top Pakistani actors. Not only that he is also listed three times in the 500 influential Muslim worldwide. Who made that list? He is not an influential person let alone influential muslim. I would have agreed had it been best attention seeker or self-centered narcissist who can droop to any level to be in the media. In ramadan transmission he is doing a snake dance, as a host he invites people and then mock them on their looks oh and not to forget his leaked video that went viral about his actual self behind the camera. He is a clown and his third to be ex will confirm as she claims that when she would get upset about anything as a child, her mother would play Mr. Liaqat's video on tv to make her quiet (no wonder she is also a drama queen him). As a parent we should always show quality cartoons to our kids!

Talking about his marriage, he divorced his first wife and married Tuba Anwar (2018 – 2022) as he fell deeply in love with her. The love didn't even last for 5 years as Tuba took khula from him. He said many interesting things about her after their divorce as how their divorce is not legal and she would commit adultery if she marries anyone (WOW). On February 2022 not even months after his second divorce we saw another huge news from Mr. Liaqat that he has married for the third time but this time a similar character like him. Their creepy videos went viral all over social media. After 4 months, we saw this video of Dania filing for divorce (three weeks ago she denied all the rumors about their divorce and that people should leave them alone). I wonder what happened hmmm! Well according to details she has filed for dower including a house worth Rs. 110 million in Karachi, Rs. 250,000 in cash, 1 Toyota Corolla GLI 2022 model and 3 tola gold jewelry worth around Rs. 400,000. Does it end here? NO. The cringe worthy part is that now we will have to see the drama of his 4th marriage.

Stay tuned as it should be here any minute now. On a serious note please be aware of this sociopath who claims of getting marriage requests from young girls. There should be a serious investigation on him torturing his wives and consuming ice. From his videos it looks like he has some serious mental issues. Ladies, please be careful and stay away from such people as you can get fame in a short period but it's not worth it.


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