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Chup Raho…. Ab Bus! A recent video of Ayesha Omar and Nauman Ijaz

A famous Pakistani model, Ayesha Omar shared an incident of harassment from her life in Waseem Badami’s TV show “Har Lamha Purjosh” which she had encountered about a decade ago. It takes tremendous courage to come out of such trauma and publicly speak on such issue in this judgemental and patriarchal society -- Hats Off to Ms. Omar!

Every single day, thousands of women and children are harassed around the world and even though it is a matter of grave seriousness, the society prefers to either stay quiet or they'd just start victim blaming because the sick idea that what women wear is what prompts these issues has fixated in the minds of the narrow-minded masses of this society. The fact that people pay no heed to such issues reflects one of the darkest side our society. There are numbers of harassment, rape, and child exploitation hashtags trending on social media everyday but that is all there is, no one takes any action on it, no justice is served and inequity prevails.

In a recent episode of “G Sarkar with Nauman Ijaz", Mr. Ijaz had the audacity to not only ask Ms. Omar in a demeaning manner about sharing her experience but also made her uncomfortable on a live TV show. It is quite ironic how Mr. Ijaz called Ms. Omar a controversial actress when he himself is very infamous in this regard as less than a year ago he spoke of having multiple extra-marital affairs on a public platform in a casual way and that his wife had never found out about it.

Few questions for Mr. Ijaz

-Is it okay to speak about extra marital affairs in a casual manner but a forbidden topic to talk about harassment

-Should there be a timeline for sharing one’s harassment story?

-Being insensitive about such a sensitive topic, should you still host a show?

-Do you do everything for fame or sometimes for personal satisfaction as well?

I agree with Ms. Omar that at the end of the day, we are answerable to ourselves. Not everything is for promotion, sometimes it is for personal satisfaction. Coming this from an influential person can give courage to other people to come out and speak up. Now is the time that we empower our women.


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