A recent post on Instagram about “Aurat March” came to my attention and stimulated me to write regarding cyber-bulling. Bulling in any form is harmful for mental and overall health. These so called “trollers” and “memes expert” go to any extent just for certain likes and subscribers without thinking the damage they can do. I agree that internet should support a global ecosystem of social interaction but it doesn’t mean one can have fun by bullying someone.

My eight years old niece taught me “if you don’t like something, walk away”. How hard it is for us grown-ups to learn this? On Instagram if a model or actress post a picture where she is having coffee with her friend in a tee-shirt and jeans. It becomes the job of moral police to write hateful comments on her clothing, character and that she should burn in hell fire. Who are we to decide? Do we know for sure if we will go to heaven? If you don’t like a certain post, don’t comment. There is “unfollow” button click on that. Nobody has forced you to comment and follow.

Just like us these celebrities can also go through a rough patch where they need some positive words or nice comments. Alizeh Shah is a prime example of cyber-bullying. She was harassed and trolled for her clothing, appearance, accent and acting. You are a sadist if you enjoy by making fun of others as the New research shows trolls don’t just enjoy hurting others, they also feel good about themselves (Source: The Conversation, September 2016). Trolling can cause significant physical and psychological effects including, lowered self-esteem, depression, self-harm and even suicide.

Aurat March started 5 years ago to raise awareness for violence against women and to support women who experience violence and harassment at home, workplace or public spaces. Some netizens have started relentless hateful campaign against aurat march, so that the march has lost its purpose. Now a lot of people don’t even know the true purpose of aurat march and label it as bunch of vulgar and ant-social women trying to gain attention.

If you are victimizing someone today, tomorrow it might be your turn. Spread peace and love as the world is full of hate anyways!


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