Did Tiktoker "Dolly" really set Margalla Hills on fire?

TikToker dollyofficial1 went viral on social media last Tuesday for a bizzare act. She was seen posing for a Tiktok video in front of ablaze margalla hills. She had allegedly set the Margalla Hills on fire which drew a lot of criticism. Chairperson Islamabad Wildlife Management Board Rina Saeed Khan Satti called the incident disturbing and disastrous and has filed a case against the TikToker.

Later she posted another video which was re-issued by issuing a clarification video claiming that her photoshoot was carried on the motorway. Real or Fake Video?

Any reasonable person can tell that the place looked completely different from where the actual photoshoot took place. Secondly, clarifications are given after the incident and not before. People are not buying her clarification and think the video is scripted was re-made. In the first video she took her sweet time to do the photoshoot and while in the second video dolly and cameraman are saying “oh snake aa jaye ga bhaago yahan say”. It looked more like a comedy video instead of clarification.

In my personal opinion dollyofficial1 should be held accountable for this crime. Either they should fine her with a heavy amount or ban her from TikTok.

In today’s world where global warming is becoming a huge issue, we should be planting more trees instead of burning the ones that are already there.

Legislation in other countries e.g. Canada, you may be fined upto $100,000 Canadian dollars while in Australia its life time impressment for the people who set fire intentionally.

TikTok should not be banned in Pakistan as it is an earning source for a lot of people. There should be a proper legislation in place setting boundaries and guidelines to help people make the better use of this app without putting their lives and others in danger. An attempt to make a content that endangers human life or the wildlife should be dealt with iron hands and should be set as an example for others.


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