Family/Peer Support!

Supporting your family/ friends/ colleagues by being available to listen with empathy and compassion and to guide them to available resources is a very noble cause of leading a happy and productive life. Empathy and compassion are two of the strongest personality traits along with being very trustworthy and genuine. Maintaining confidences of their conversations with family, friends, and peers, try not to judge rather listen to them with patience and care. One can’t fix the problem/ issue, but one can support by doing the best to enlighten a path and provide the necessary direction where help can be found. Each one of us has the moral obligation to assist others where and when without being prejudice and personal. One can reach to others in confidence with a listening ear and helping attitude. The experiences gained from your own life and your surroundings may help to become a mental health advocate.

It is always suggested to value conversations and communications with people around you irrespective of their age, education, and qualifications. It is always believed that everyone needs to know they are not alone and that they have someone in their corner, to actively listen and to encourage them. Important for all of us to talk to someone you feel you can trust and start the process of sorting out whatever is going on in our lives. One must strive to help others with respect and understanding, to build trust and connection, as well as to empower them to make their own right decisions. At times there are people around us having severe clinical depression and anxiety so know all too well the challenges faced by those with mental illness and what the path to recovery can look like. One can always create an environment, not just in name but the way one carries himself and bring positive change.


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