What will Imran Khan's last delivery be?

Now that the judiciary has overruled the speaker's verdict on no-confidence vote, it remains to be seen as to what Imran Khan's final move will be in this political drama.

Sources indicate that the game is not yet over by any means for Imran Khan as he still has one last delivery to bowl and it is promised to be a surprising one for the opposition.

After the judicial ruling, Imran Khan tweeted that he will be calling a cabinet meeting tomorrow and will address the nation. He also mentioned that he will continue to fight till the last ball. Now it remains to be seen whether that last ball sends middle stump flying or it gets thrashed for a six.

Everything is still shrouded in uncertainty, however; as per the constitutional laws, if a hundred members of any government resigns at the same time, the government will automatically be dissolved and re-elections will take place.

Do you think Imran Khan and his members will resign to curb the conspiracy of PDM?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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