Who will you vote for in next elections?

Now that Imran Khan has been ousted as Prime Minister of Pakistan, it appears that the new government wont remain in power for long before next elections take place as the citizens of Pakistan have shown an outpouring support for PTI's Chairman Imran Khan by protesting against his ousting in large numbers across the country. Analysts believe that the elections could take place as early as August 2022. The gang-up mentality and approach by the PDM against Imran Khan is deemed by the people of Pakistan as reprehensible political victimization and they have strongly condemned it. The unjust treatment given to Imran Khan during this political drama has surged his support in the country. Judging from the tremendous support displayed by Pakistanis, it is beyond the shadow of any doubt that PTI will dominate in the next elections, however; the question that remains is whether or not the elections will be conducted fairly, only time will tell. In the meantime, vote for the party that you support and let's see whose supporters we have here.


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